Flight: Zanzibar to New York (ZNZ – NBO – AMS – JFK)

flight 3

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Dinner at the Emerson Spice Teahouse Rooftop Restaurant


Well this is it. Our final activity. The Emerson Spice Hotel has a tasting menu on the rooftop, one seating per night, 5 set courses, and cocktails for sundown. The way it works is the fisherman go out each morning and bring back various seafoods, and on the way to the hotel they pick up produce from the market. The chef selects from these and designs the menu accordingly. The hotel has 10 breeding pairs of Norwegian goats, and there is also a farm at a nearby Catholic convent. At 99% Muslim Zanzibar is not exactly ripe for missionary work, so the nuns have devoted their time to farming. All the food was organic. Each plate had 3 or 4 individual items. My favorites were the crispy goat and all of the deserts. The kingfish was also yummy.

Sigh, it’s over. This is the end. I type this as we wait for our flight to Nairobi, then on to Amsterdam, and then on to New York. It’s been an incredible few years on these trips. Thanks to Alex, Layla, Sarah, and Gilda for a wild ride. Great friends, great trips.

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Z Hotel and Nungwi Beach


Oh, Z Hotel, how I miss you so. You were kind to us. Your Phillipe Stark interiors were fun. Your sand was soft. Your rain storms were brief. Your beach hagglers sang soothing jingles of “coconut, fresh, coconut, fresh, coconut, fresh, tourist, juice, coconut, juice, coconut.” Your massages were cheap and plentiful. Your nearby restaurants/bars were delicious and casual. Your water was clear. Your geckos were festive. And your pool, oh my that pool. We had three rooms, all facing the ocean. Mine was approximately 9 seconds from the pool. The WiFi was…adequate. Continue reading

Safari Flights


In case you were wondering, this is what it looks like to fly from the central Serengeti airstrip! This is a single engine Cessna with room for 12 passengers, 1 pilot, and 1 copilot…or in this case, Alex! Maybe my dad can figure out which exact plane this is. We ended up switching planes at the Arusha airstrip layover, we think because the air conditioning didn’t work. We had the same pilot. Continue reading