Dim Sum


Finally! This was certainly a touristy spot, but I was OK with that for two reasons:

1) It was for CHINESE tourists, so we were able to do a lot of people watching. And of course get stared at, per usual.

2) It was huge, allowing us to try lots of dishes.

It was essentially a buffet system, which was I liked. The only carts were ones with drinks and napkins. I had a hard time finishing without my usual dim sum companion (cue Jason saying, “bitch you calling me fat?!”). Admittedly, I didn’t care for the shrimp noodles or pork dumplings, possibly due to lack of freshness. All of the soup buns were great of course. This is Shanghai after all.

Props to Alex for trying all the unlabeled dumplings and buns (one of which shot her in the face with juice) even though she doesn’t eat pork (ditto for Layla trying everything in China in general too).








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